Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Stage 7

Tough day today and no mistake. A lot of climbing which was also very broken up rather than just one or 2 very long climbs, and once again it was very very hot, I'd estimate around 34 degrees.

Anyhow, seemed to have recovered well and to be able to maintain steady and sure progress which has always been my objective and there were a couple of super descents which I enjoyed though I always rode well within my limits remaining well on the side of caution.

Nothing major to report, planning to try out a couple of different SKINS products tomorrow so more on that then but in the meantime the gear I have been using continues to perform extremely well, wearing the RY400 tights as I type, all ready for sleeping :-)

Another tough day tomorrow, they all are now, and then I have the first rest day which I am really looking forward to. Hoping to catch up on quite a few things including a load of laundry which is not quite so much fun! Tomorrow is going to be another plugging away day and my objective remains to reach the end of the stage safely, no heroics for me, life is too precious.

Photographs from Today:

The Tour is coming, long live The Tour!
Fabulous views along the route.
Col de la Croix de la Serra
A fine greeting in Les Rousses

Today's Weather:

Very hot and sunny again, too hot for 11,000+ feet of ascent.

Ride Time: 09:23hh:mm
Work Done: 4340kJ
Training Stress Score: 327
Intensity Factor: 0.625
Normalised Power: 191W
Variability Index: 1.33
Ride Distance: 103.3 miles
Elevation Gain: 11,833 feet
Maximum Power: 563W
Average Power: 144W
Average Heart Rate: 119bpm
Average Speed - True: 11.0mph
Acute Training Load: 185.8
Chronic Training Load: 114.3
Training Stress Balance: -59

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  1. Good luck on your inspiring journey you are living the dream of every cycling fan. Your amazing.