Tuesday, 23 November 2010

mercalli V2 by proDAD - Ongoing Review

I've now had an enquiry from proDAD support asking what exactly is the problem with my SAL installation of Mercalli.

I have once again submitted a report of the problems I am experiencing. I've been told that "there are limitations to the AVI export that is a function of the library we currently use; that problem is on the list to be addressed. Our programmer suggests exporting to WMV to see what happens; this is also the best format for HD export out of SAL for the time being".

This is disappointing to me as I can import AVI files directly into Final Cut Express but I can't import WMV files directly and I really don't want to get into another lengthy file conversion process with the quality degradation that involves.

Anyway, that's the latest situation on the Windows SAL version of Mercalli V2, I'm still waiting to hear back from proDAD but it's looking as if the .avi export function is a non-starter for me, very disappointing indeed.

I've downloaded and installed the proDAD Mercalli plugin for Final Cut Express and that's also problematic, update coming up.

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