Friday, 10 December 2010

KMC MissingLink

I've always been quite a fan of KMC chains and have always been very happy with their performance and longevity. They make a wide range of chains to suit every pocket and I was pleased to see that RacerMate use a KMC as the standard chain on the VeloTron, the chain it uses is the KMC Z610HX, 1/2"x3/32".

One of the things I like is the MissingLink but I have sometimes found that after considerable use the link can become quite difficult to open and I have on occasions struggled mightily to open the MissingLink to remove a chain.

Anyway, I thought some folks might be interested to know about this little gadget made by KMC for this purpose, the tool opens the MissingLink incredibly easily and makes chain removal an absolute doddle. I believe Park Tools also make something similar but the KMC version is cheaper and certainly works extremely well.

Just thought I'd share that one with you just in case you, like me, had never heard of this gadget! Here's the card the tool came on:

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