Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Indoor Power Distribution

After my recent posting comparing an indoor training session with a longer outdoor ride I thought it might be interesting to post a further power distribution illustration of a different type of session which again illustrates how little time is wasted when one uses a turbo trainer, if it is used properly.

The session illustrated here is a session I did yesterday evening, based around VT1 as determined by my "count test". As you can see only 3.4% of the time was spent in non-productive training compared to the whopping percentage spent in active recovery on the group road ride the day before.

To me it's also highly significant that I was able to do yesterday's session at 20:00 when everything during the day that needed to be done had been done, including going to work. I really wouldn't have done any training if outdoor riding was my sole option.

Power Distribution - Upper L2/L3 Indoors

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