Sunday, 17 April 2011

Breeze Bikes Club Ride

Today's jaunt took us up to Belford again and the substantial group that left Alnwick fragmented very quickly and was down to around 6 riders after only about 13 miles. I'm not sure where the other riders went but it was a lovely day to be out cycling. I'd expected to be out for 3-4 hours today but in the end it was only about 2:17 which was a shame given the weather.

The pace was brisk and riding in a "ball" we covered the ground easily but interestingly our average speed was still slower than yesterday's "whistle ride" which was ridden at a much more even pace. Yesterday's ride was not as hilly but there were only 3 of use compared to today's six and I definitely found the ride easier as well as quicker. I guess yesterday's ride would have made today feel a bit harder but it all went pretty well.

Always a shame when the weekend comes to an end but such is life, it's been a nice weekend and I'm going to make a determined effort this week to get back into some more structured training.

Oh yes, I've been using a website called RideWithGPS for a little while now and I like it, I may well stick with it, until the next one comes along of course!

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