Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Raid Alpine

I don't think I've mentioned it on here yet but I'm delighted to say that I'm joining the team of a company called Marmot Tours who are specialists in the provision of activity holidays in The Pyrenees and Southern France, I'm absolutely thrilled about this as you can imagine.

The plan is that where cycle coaching support and training plans are required by clients booking with Marmot Tours I'll be helping with the provision of these services, I'll be delivering my plans using the TrainingPeaks interface, as always. In order to get to know the Marmot Tours team I'm going out to ride the Raid Alpine with their clients this summer which will be absolutely fantastic.

In addition to getting to know everyone and learning the ropes I'll be producing what I hope will be a good video record of the ride to give a flavour of the experience which I'll be posting online. I'm really looking forward to all this and I feel very privileged to be involved, it looks to be an excellent setup.

In the run up to the Raid Alpine I'm producing a regular VLog which has been running for a few days now, the latest episode can be seen below.

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