Monday, 1 August 2011

Raid Alpine Stage 1

Well, that's stage one completed which went just fine. Arrived at the hotel in Megeve a few hours ago and have since been out and bought a cheese and salami baguette and a Danish pastry to tide me over until dinner time :-)

The Col d'Ramaz was probably the highlight of the day but it was all lovely and the weather was amazingly kind to us and I'm not going to even think about complaining about it being hot, it was excellent.

The ride was very well supported by Marmot Tours throughout with no logistical problems at all, they were there where they were needed, couldn't have been better.

The other point worth mentioning is that the .gpx file supplied by Marmot Tours for the ride worked perfectly which meant there were no route finding issues at all and I rolled right up to the door of the hotel without any troubles at all, terrific stuff.

Had the helmet camera in operation and have also taken some clips at various stops so hopefully I'll be able to put together something for the stage combined with some stills I've also taken so hopefully that will make a nice little record of the ride.

So, off the La Reculaz tomorrow, slightly longer and slightly more climbing.

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