Thursday, 4 August 2011

Raid Alpine Stage 4

Well, stage four completed and it's been another hot and mountainous day, the scenery has been amazing again.

Crossing the Col d'Izoard was a real highlight and the rock formations in particular that I've seen so often when watching the Tour de France were really memorable. I hope as I get even older than my memory for these things doesn't fade too badly as I want to enjoy them in the future but I guess at least I'll have my photographs to remind me if it does!

Another nice hotel and as you can see from the photos I went out for my usual baguette when I finished the ride, I can't think I'm going to lose much weight on this trip but I've got to try to keep my energy levels up ;-) Gawd knows how much ham and cheese went into it, enough to feed a small army, I just hope the Perrier was slimming ;-)

Tomorrow promises to be a really challenging day. The main obstacle of the day, standing between us and eventually the coast, is the Col de la Bonette which I believe is the highest paved road in Europe.

I've crossed the Col de la Bonette in a car when I was travelling up from Nice with friends to ride La Marmotte and at the time I remember thinking "I'm glad I'm not on a bike" - but now I am. I'll just see how things go, could do without the cold and sore throat I've now developed, almost certainly picked up on the flight.

Another hefty dinner tonight on top of the baguette so that should stand me in good stead. Right at this very moment the Col de la Bonette looms very large in my mind.

I'll let you know how things go tomorrow :-0

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