Thursday, 5 April 2012

VeloTron and CompuTrainer -> Strava

I've been playing around with Strava for a little while now and it has been a frustration to me to be unable to properly record on there the data from my VeloTron (or CompuTrainer) rides but I now think I've cracked it.

The key to the problem has been the requirement to convert files into a format understood by Strava, the files therefore need to be either .gps, .tcx or .fit files. A VeloTron session results in a file which is probably going to be a .txt file having been generated by the auto-export function of VTCS, though .3dp files or .cdf files may also be produced depending on which package is in use on the VeloTron or Computrainer at the time.

I use TrainingPeaks WKO+ to store and manipulate my data and this package accepts all the files that might be generated by any of the RacerMate packages. Once the files from the VeloTron or CompuTrainer are imported into WKO+ they are stored as .wko files. The requirement therefore was to convert from .wko to ideally .tcx to import into Strava.

That's where a very clever (and free) package called Golden Cheetah comes in. You need to use v3 to do this (it runs on Windows or Mac machines), you can then import (in batches if you wish) .wko files into Golden Cheetah which is great. Golden Cheetah then allows you to export files (again in batches if you wish) to .tcx format and they can then be uploaded to Strava, job done!

This all sounds rather long winded but is in fact very quick and easy once you have your head round the steps required and it does mean that you can store and share all your stuff from your CompuTrainer or VeloTron on Strava should you wish to do so. Golden Cheetah does offer a direct upload to Strava feature but in my experience at the time of writing if this is used the data does then not display correctly on Strava once uploaded, it works far better using the export to .tcx option and the files can also then be uploaded in batches via email to Strava.

I am again indebted to my friend Mark Liversedge one of the Golden Cheetah development team for his time and invaluable assistance, the man has a brain the size of a planet.

Good luck!


  1. Thank you for sharing the method for exporting to Strava!! :)

  2. you did not mention that Training Peaks WKO+ program is $129.00, only that Golden Cheetah is free.

    1. So what? Why should I? I said I use WKO+, I didn't say you have to use WKO+. Dead easy to import the RacerMate files directly into Golden Cheetah and then export them. I was offering advice, not trying to spoon feed people :-)

    2. Racermate Will export a pwx file. This was a good find for me. Thanks for the help.

    3. Joe, I'm afraid I don't follow your logic here at all. Strava will not allow you to upload a .pwx file. Would you mind elaborating on your workflow so that I and others can better understand what you are using to export your .pwx file and how that helps you upload your CompuTrainer data to Strava? Thanks.

  3. I'm a new CompuTrainer / Racermate user, but have already been using Golden Cheetah for some time. I was happy to realize that I can load the .pwx file from Racermate to Golden Cheetah, then export from Golden Cheetah as a .tcx so that I can load to Strava. All works great except that elevation (meters gained) does not show up in Strava. It shows 0 meters. The meters do show up in Golden Cheetah so must in the pwx file. Because the workout was on a trainer, there are no GPS coordinates. I can only guess that Strava looks for GPS coordinates to calculate elevation and since there aren't any, it assumes that the ride was pancake flat. Has anyone else had this problem or have any suggestions. Thanks.