Thursday, 31 May 2012

Cartridge Converters

My research suggests that the gas cylinders I tend to use here in the UK, the resealable threaded type, are not widely available on the continent and that the old fashioned pierce type cartridges and the Camping Gaz resealable cartridges are much more widely available.

As my stove is the UK resealable threaded fitting there is the potential to be caught out but fortunately a couple of converters are available which allow you to use your stove with the cartridges available on the continent.

Another potential advantage of this is that the butane cartridges are an awful lot cheaper than the threaded butane/propane mix cartridges available in the UK so it may well pay just to take the one threaded cartridge to get us going and then switch over to the butane cartridges bought locally thereafter.

Anyway, I've bought the converters which will allow me to use pretty much anything and here are the details for anyone who is interested.

Edelrid Valve Cartridge Adaptor:

Edelrid Puncture Style Cartridge Adaptor:

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  1. Update: These converters arrived today, very good service from Action Outdoors: