Thursday, 17 May 2012

Weblog Audio

Couldn't resist experimenting with SoundCloud. Big shame that the free account is limited to I think 2 hours of total recording time but I'll have to check that out.

Here's my first effort!

Yes, just checked, the free SoundCloud account limits you to having a maximum of 2 hours of audio available at any one time and each file is limited to 100 downloads so potentially pretty restrictive really. Probably better to just upload to YouTube and add the soundtrack to a simple video loop.


Just done some more digging and have found another service, this one is called DivShare which allows you to share photos, videos etc. The good thing about this service is that it offers you 20GB free which is definitely better than the SoundCloud service.

If we take this audio clip as an example. The clip lasts for 2 minutes and is about 1MB in size after compression. This would mean that the SoundCloud service would allow me to upload 100 of these clips before my free allowance would be used up. Now, using the DivShare service I have 20GB which is in round numbers 20,000MB, so I could upload 20,000 of these files to DivShare! In time terms that would be 20,000 minutes or 333 hours of audio, that's an awful lot more than 2 hours!

Here's the DivShare player.

And here is another option which is very clean and simple. This was done by uploading the .mp3 file to "The Internet Archive" which offers free storage and unlimited downloads of digital material. The URL of the .mp3 file is then just popped into a bit of code and bingo!

I think because it is free, simple, advertisement free and unlimited that this is the route I'll follow if I want to use this in the future.

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