Thursday, 14 June 2012

Olympic Torch - Alnwick - Northumberland

It's not every day The Olympic Torch passes through your home town so when it does you've just got to get out there with the video camera and join the fun. Shot lots of clips but this is the first I've uploaded as the torch itself went down the main street.

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  1. Hi I'm making a film about Northumberland, the towns the olympic torch went thru. It's a 40 minute film - series of 17 short stories about the stories, heritage and culture of the people who live here, linked by community photos and video footage of the relay events. I'd really like to use some of your fab Alnwick footage within it? Particularly that of Emma Pringle who I interviewed. Would you give me permission? And perhaps a hi res download link? Everyone will be credited and have an invitation to the premiere at the berwick media arts festival in september. My contact details are 0191 209 4282 I hope you can help. Best wishes, Bev