Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Frank Schleck - Positive Drug Test

Well, it seems Frank Schleck has tested +ve for a banned diuretic, he has yet to have his B sample analysed but he has left the Tour de France. Once again it looks as if cycling will become embroiled in a lengthy drugs investigation and there will be the usual weird and wonderful explanations about how the substance came to be in his system, assuming that the B sample is also positive.

Impossible at this stage to know why this substance would have been used, maybe it could have a role as a masking agent to hide other drug use or maybe it could have been used to reduce weight though in cycling that would almost certainly have a profound -ve effect on performance. It's impossible to say why the compound was there but it seems it was, though innocent until proven guilty I guess.

Against this background Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome continue to ride brilliantly and continue to be subjected to the same blood and urine testing regime which has uncovered this +ve test in a top rider at the Tour de France. I just hope this might in some small way make people think twice about making these baseless suggestions about the performances of Wiggins and Froome, clearly the testing regime is working.

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