Thursday, 5 July 2012

A Healthy Life - The Lester Breslow Way

Lester Breslow was a Public Health doctor who did pioneering work to examine how people might remain healthy and live longer. He came up with a system of "Seven Healthy Habits" which forms the foundation of his work, the key points are below, from his obituary which was published in the BMJ. Simple, but brilliant.

Breslow's "Seven Healthy Habits" are:

1. Moderate alcohol consumption.
2. No tobacco smoking.
3. Regular exercise.
4. Seven to eight hours of sleep a day.
5. Regular meals with no snacking.
6. Maintenance of moderate body weight.
7. Regular consumption of breakfast.

People with most of these habits are substantially healthier than people with few.

Study showed that a 60 year old with all 7 habits would be as healthy as a 30year old with 2 habits or fewer.

Follow-up studies showed that life expectancy for a 45 year old man with at least 6 habits was 11 years longer than that for a peer with three or fewer.

Breslow remained robust and well into his nineties. He did not smoke or drink alcohol, was an avid fruit and vegetable gardener, and walked 12-15 miles a week.

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