Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Getting Organised - DiscCatalogMaker

My organisation programme goes on. I have now managed to feed almost my entire collection of data/software/odds and ends DVDs and CDs through the DiscCatalogMaker programme which is indexing the whole lot for me.

I've given each disc a unique number and all the discs are now in numbered sleeves in an aluminium box. So, if I need "that DVD that came with that xyz" years ago I can just search the catalog for it, get the disk number and fish it out. No more wondering where I put the disc which would always have been "somewhere safe".

Same goes for video clips and photos on discs. The great thing, for me anyway, is that I can find everything and there is no single point of failure. Much of the material I might need is also immediately available on an external HD in disc image format.

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