Sunday, 23 June 2013

Anyone for Bike LINES?

An idea I had concerns bike LINES rather than bike LANES. Bike lanes are very very expensive to build and particularly given the current economic climate are unlikely to be widely constructed. However, paint is cheap. I suggest the marking of roads with bike lines, there would be 2. The first line would be green and would be about a metre from the kerb and would be the line along which cyclists should ride, this would also provide a better riding surface and should be kept pothole free. The second line would be say a metre out from the green line and would act as a guide for motorists to keep out of if they are passing a cyclist. The scheme would provide clear visible guidance to cyclists and motorists alike, be quite easy to implement and would be a hell of a lot cheaper than a full cycle network, which just isn't going to happen. If a cyclist were hit whilst riding on the bike line the driver should be automatically presumed to be guilty of an offence.

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