Friday, 5 July 2013

Back to 2 Deliveries a Day?

Back in the "good" old days we used to get 2 deliveries of mail, the morning post and the afternoon post. It seems to me that things just felt more relaxed then than they do now with this 24hrs a day 365 days per year delivery of emails, texts, tweets and facebook messages to name but a few.

It was quite nice, if something didn't come in the first post or the second post that was it until the next day or even until Monday if the weekend was coming up. I quite fancy going back to those days and I'm considering having just 2 deliveries of messages a day. I'm thinking of checking for messages in the morning (first post) and in the early afternoon (second post) and that will be it, then not check at all on a Saturday afternoon or on a Sunday.

I think I'll also stop checking the news online and just watch a summary once a day, in the early evening. If anything important happens someone with a phone glued to his or her hand is sure to tell me about it!

Would I miss out on anything? I doubt it.

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