Saturday, 9 November 2013

Batch Renaming of Files on a Mac

For some while now I have been using the NameChanger application to rename large numbers of files and in particular to rename photographs when I have a number of different versions of certain photos. The application worked really well for many months and I am sorry that it no longer appears to be available to me.

Why is this? I recently upgraded to the most recent Mac operating system, Mavericks OS-X 10.9 and unfortunately it seems that NameChanger will not work when running this operating system. A solution had to be found and a little bit of research led me to the conclusion that Automator, a program which is part of the Mac operating system itself would do the job nicely.

If anyone else has been having the same problem it is definitely worth having a little play around with Automator and if it's any help below is a screenshot of the series of actions that need to be set up in order to rename batches of files. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up the steps below and once done the little script will rename batches of files in any way you wish.


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