Saturday, 21 June 2014

IFTTT - Blogger + Evernote

I've not posted here for a while and this is very much a trial. I've been messing about with the IFTTT service which essentially allows you to "pull" information from various sources and bring them together into what for me is a much more useful format. That more useful format is Evernote, because I can search it and filter it. Facebook and Twitter in particular make it very difficult to find your own material some way down the line. If, 18 months down the line, I want to know when I bumped into Freddie, which I mentioned on Facebook at the time, I just can't find that easily. With the data in Evernote I simply search the "2014" notebook for "Freddie" and bingo, its there.

I'm using Evernote to keep a diary/journal which I'm hoping will become increasingly valuable as time goes on. I also post material from time to time to Facebook, Twitter and to this Blog. It struck me that IFTTT could be set up to collect any material I publish from these three sources and add all the postings to the Evernote page in use for my daily diary.

I reckon if I "point" all these feeds to an Evernote note called "Today's Diary" everything will appear in there from whatever source, all in chronological order. Because all this information is then in Evernote it will be extremely easy to tag/filter/search and all I will have to do at the end of the day is change the name of the "Today's Diary" note in Evernote to say 21 June 2014 at the end of the day and then it will then be all ready for the next day's material.

Seems to me like this will be the best way of getting a diary to autocomplete itself to a great extent! Anyway, this post should appear in my Evernote diary for today without any further intervention from me, all I have o do is click the "Publish" button. That's the theory anyway! :-)

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