Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Last Post

Well, this is it, the final post on this weblog.

This blog is now closed and there will be no further postings appearing after this one.

The contents of this weblog and the weblog itself will remain as there is much material on here which seems, by the continuing stream of visitors, to remain a useful resource for people, no further comments will be replied to.

This weblog was started a number of years ago when I was starting to train for my Tour de France ride which is why it has the name it has. Since that time I have developed other interests and the blog title no longer seems appropriate so this was one reason I decided to call time.

I will still be writing a weblog but I have moved platforms and I have also migrated pretty much all the material on this weblog over to the new platform. The reason for moving was that I have become  a heavy user of Evernote and I wanted to use the new platform,, which works seamlessly with Evernote.

The new platform makes it easier to maintain my personal journal and then to publish excerpts from it directly to my weblog, it also means I don't have to shift from one system to another when I wish to produce a weblog posting and I hate cutting and pasting if I can avoid it.

Above all, this new arrangement means that my posts and information are all stored permanently on my own computer, on my laptop and on my iPad where they are all searchable and available for use in many other ways. I had become tired of my posts and material only being available to me as a cumbersome extract file from Google which was not even readable by a human. I also didn't like the way Google+ was infiltrating everything, I wanted my material to be just that, MY material.

On top of the above the new platform offers me convenient ways of embedding video, still images, slideshows, audio files and playlists, tweets and many more elements which makes it ideal for pulling information together under one virtual roof.

All that remains is to thank those who have read this weblog, supported it and commented on it over the years, it's popularity continues to surprise me! Now that I have moved home you are of course more than welcome to join me in my new abode where I am sure updates will be far more frequent, here is my new address:

Au revoir!

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