Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Boxing Day today...


Well the last day of the Christmas bank holiday and it's been smashing, we've had a really good time. I've managed to continue with my training and did 70 minutes on the turbo this evening covering about 24.3 miles in the process. Quite a hard session this as I had scheduled a session which included 3x10 minute efforts with 10 minute recoveries with the efforts done in Z5 which is never going to be easy!

Along with many other folk at this time of year I've made a pretty good job of things on the eating front and have managed to put on "a few" pounds, well quite a few really, which won't be doing much for my power to weight ratio. I'll establish control again tomorrow and I'm sure the pounds will slide off as quickly as they slid on :-)

Still, it's done, onwards and upwards!


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