Friday, 29 December 2006

That was hard work...


Well I have completed my scheduled 10 mile turbo trainer time trial (TT) and extremely hard work it was too. I am very pleased with the results which are shown below, the last time I did one of these was back on 29.08.2006 and it took me 22:11 to complete the 10 miles, I have improved, there is no doubt about it.

I also managed to collect some power data from the turbo which should be useful for future reference. I warmed up for 15 minutes and callibrated the turbo, I then set the turbo to zero and started from a standing start. When the 10 miles was finally up I stopped pedalling and read the data off, here it is:
  • TIME 19:46
  • HRAVE 172
  • HRMAX 184
  • PWMAX 398
  • PWAVE 338
  • CAAVE 107
  • CAMAX 117
  • SPMAX 35.8
  • SPAVE 30.3
That gives me a FTP of about 4.27 W/KG which scrapes me into the "very good" rating!

I won't be doing another one of those for at least 6 weeks, it will take me that long to recover!

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