Friday, 12 January 2007

Friday Training...


The wind here is terrible, it's not looking like I'll get out on the roads tomorrow which is a shame.

This evening I did 2x5 mile TTs on the turbo and was quite pleased with the results but it was hard work!
  1. 1st TT 09:41 HRAVE 165
  2. 2nd TT 09:28 HRAVE 170
I tried to beat the first time on the 2nd run and made it! I was just 3BPM off my HRMAX so as you see I wasn't slacking.

Had a bit of a mental setback today. I went and had a go on a mate's CompuTrainer, I understand that the power measurements on these machines are pretty accurate. It confirmed my fears that the TACX Flow I am using is over generous with it's wattage readings. I had established recently on the Flow that at about 200W my HR was about 122, on the CompuTrainer at the same wattage in ergo mode my HR was about 10 BPM higher and it felt harder :-( Conclusion, it looks as though I'm not producing the wattages the Flow says I am which I had suspected, still, best to know where I stand I guess, the fact remains that I think I'm getting fitter :-)

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