Thursday, 11 January 2007

Thursday Training...


Sailing class tonight working towards the RYA Day Skipper qualification so no turbo trainer this evening. So what does that mean? that means getting up at 05.10 in the morning in order to do my hour on the trainer, it's gotta be done if I'm going to get anywhere.

Managed to get up almost in time and was on the turbo by 05:40 and did my one hour session. Pretty intense stuff I've programmed for this week, this morning was 10x30 second flat out sprints from a standing start. Not entirely sure how good these are for you when you have just got out of bed but I didn't seem to suffer any ill effects and I warmed up well beforehard which I think is very important.

Still thinking hard about treating myself (massive treat) to a CompuTrainer but it's a hell of a lot of money. I'm working on the basis that I could spend £1000 quite easily on a pair of aero wheels which might make me go slightly faster but if used properly a CompuTrainer is guaranteed to make you 5% faster over 5 months - or your money back. Hmm...

  • PWMAX 483
  • CAMAX 129
Quite pleased with that PWMAX figure, wonder how accurate it is, what I need is a CompuTrainer ;-)

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