Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Tuesday Training...


Back to the hard stuff again which I hope is going to make me fitter and stronger in the events to come. Plan today is to do 3 time trials one after the other of varying lengths. The schedule goes something like this:

10 minutes warm up.
3 mile TT at maximum effort. (HRAVE 162 - 05:16)
7 minutes recovery.
2 mile TT at maximum effort. (HRAVE 172 - 03:31)
5 minutes recovery.
1 mile TT at maximum effort. (HRAVE 172 - 01:44))
Rest of session ridden in Z2.
10 minute warm down.

I covered 20.5 miles in total and my PWMAX reading on the Flow was 405W, if only it were true! Still, makes me feel good!

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