Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Wednesday Training...


Another session done, this time I decided to use the new portable DVD player and it did seem to make the hour on the turbo much less of a chore, quite enjoyable really! Did a bit of a mixed session as I had planned to do 8 simluated short power climbs, as one might hit them out on the road.

In the end I did 8x2 minute climbs with 3 minute recoveries. I did the first 2 climbs at 270W, the next 2 at 280W, next 2 at 290W and the final 2, you've guessed it, at 300W. Seemed like a good baseline to work from for this sort of session in the future.

Time for some sleep, more training in the morning, got to get up at 05.10!

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