Sunday, 11 February 2007

Sunday Training...


Guess what, it poured with rain almost all day again here so once again confined to the turbo. Selected the "Sean Kelly Story" DVD to watch which I greatly enjoyed as I whirred my way on the turbo for 3 hours covering 67.5 miles in the comfort of the kitchen. The data for the ride came out as follows:

SPAVE 22.5
Time 3:00:00

Put in a couple of 15 minute efforts at a "recorded" power of 300W but generally just enjoyed watching Sean exert himself, just awesome.

Haven't felt that this has been a particularly good week for me as I feel I have started to lose heart a bit, the gains seem to be small in comparison to the time and effort expended and I'm getting heartily sick of the weather and just being stuck indoors all the time. Summary of the week follows, at least I've kept going.

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