Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Wednesday Training...


Trying to keep up the power work but struggling a bit to fit everything in at the moment. Managed to do an hour on the turbo as follows:
  1. 10 minutes warm up.
  2. 2 mile interval full bore.
  3. 5 minute recovery.
  4. 3 mile interval full bore.
  5. 5 minute recovery.
  6. 2 mile interval full bore.
  7. Cool down.
These sessions are hard work but that's the name of the game. My PWMAX figure was 453W, SPMAX 39.8, and I covered a total of 19.8 miles during the session. My power output seems to have improved but I'm not sure whether that is me or the turbo as I have started putting Lorena's bike on it too. I'll do some more callibrations to make sure I know what is going on.

Another day done.

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