Sunday, 18 March 2007

Sunday Training...


Really didn't feel like training again today but forced myself to get on the turbo (gale force winds outside) and in the end managed Ok. Did an hour pretty much all in Z2 but decided to do a bit of a perfomance measurement which encouraged me a bit at any rate.

Did 2 10 minute sessions in ergo mode at 250W and measured my average HR for the 2 sessions, for the first it was 134 and for the second it was 131 so they were both well within the upper border of Z2 at 138 so things maybe haven't slipped as much as I might have thought. Pity 250W on the Tacx Flow isn't really 250W but there you go, that's another story!

fingers crossed for the forthcoming week, gotta get back into it.

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