Friday, 6 April 2007

Friday Training...


Hard ride planned today. In an ongoing effort to raise my AT I have been trying to do more work in the 80-85% of MHR zone, usually doing 2x20 minute efforts. Today I decided to see how I got on with a long tempo ride trying to keep my HR above 140, on an undulating course. Problem was that the undulations went a bit wrong at the end where there is big hill.

Anyhow, things went well and I smashed my time for the journey to work by getting there in under an hour for the first time, previous best about 1:09, at an average speed of 21.2mph and an average HR of 152 for this section, I was very pleasantly surprised as I was able to maintain the pedal pressure and keep my HR up, maybe my legs are getting used to this after all.

I continued my work and reviewing my data up until the point I hit the big hill at the end I had travelled 38.9mph, some of my data for this secton is below:

Duration 1:56:30
Energy Expenditure 1672 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 17720 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 122 bpm
Average Heart Rate 152 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 173 bpm

Minimum Speed 2.9 mph
Average Speed 20.0 mph
Maximum Speed 33.2 mph
Distance 38.9 miles

Minimum Cadence 50 rpm
Average Cadence 89 rpm
Maximum Cadence 105 rpm

By the time I got home my average speed had dropped to 19.3mph on a ride which included 1500' of climbing and at 46.8 miles was not far short of 50 miles. This has proved to me that I can sustain Z3-Z4 level effort for long periods and has given me great confidence for future sportif rides, I'm getting there, bring on the long intervals!

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