Friday, 20 April 2007

Friday Training


Spent a lot of time today trying to get the Computrainer to work properly and was getting pretty fed up of it all and wondering if I had made the wrong decision buying it. I finally cracked it and have got it up and running and I have to admit that it looks great, all the work has been worth it and I am sure it will make a big differnce to my training especially now having a permanent setup.

Today was planned as a hard day and so it turned out to be though not quite as hard as I had feared it might be. The session proved to be very similar to the one on Tuesday and my performance was also very similar holding 250W for about 30 mins and then having to reduce it a bit later in the effort to hold the planned HR level of about 80%. I did extend the session by 5 minutes from 40 to 45 minutes which was good but I am sure I didn't find it quite the same effort as last time though I think this was probably because last time was pretty close to the hard weekend I had done.

So, very positive on all fronts. I am delighted also to have managed to get the 3D GPS Course Creator software to work. This means that I can re-ride simulations of my outdoors rides on the CompuTrainer which I think will be very handy particularly when the weather is poor. This will also give me that ability to ride against myself by setting the "virtual rider" to ride one of my previous performances on the same course and I'll see if I can beat myself. I reckon this will be a great way of assessing progress without the problems of wind, rain, potholes, traffic etc..

Onwards and upwards!

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