Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Wednesday Training


High resistance session tonight but did it differently this time by using the ergo mode on the CompuTrainer instead of mucking about with the gears. Stayed in the same gear and set the wattage to raise my HR up to the required level (160BPM) whilst pedalling at 90RPM. Tonight at 90RPM I was producing 310W for my 160BPM.

Then, for the next 6 efforts at lower cadences, 85,80,75,70,65 and 60 I simply pedalled at the required cadence and then set the wattage on the ergo to hit the required HR and it worked really well, much less fiddling about and the same effect, certainly felt just as hard!

Managed to do the first 3 efforts (90,85 and 80RPM) at 310W, the next 2 at 300W and the last 2 at 290W so I think I did a little better than last time, certainly felt better at the end than previously.

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