Saturday, 19 May 2007

Easy Riders - Postponed


Have had to postpone the Easy Riders event due to high and certainly dangerous winds. I reckon that if wheelie bins are being blown over then people on bikes, especially inexperienced ones, are at even greater risk. Safety is the number one priority so it's off. Have made every effort to contact everyone that I think might have been coming but will go up to the meeting point at 10 in case anyone has slipped through the net, all I can do is apologise at this stage.

So, later on will have a bash at a steady spin on the turbo. Have jacked up the carbohydrate intake (200g of pasta yesterday in 2 portions). Also started my regime of drinking a litre of skimmed milk a day which will make certain there is plenty of protein floating around in the system. Think I'll start picking up a bit shortly, especially when this morning's portion of porridge hits the system!

More later...

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