Sunday, 13 May 2007

The Fred Whitton Challenge


Off we go, the first big day of the year!

In all it's hilly glory!

Well, we got round and bettered last year's time. Mark, Peter, John and I rode together and finished in 7:45 which has improved my last year's time by 25 minutes. We had a great ride with no mechanical problems and having decided to stick together we did just that waiting where it was necessary though I kept one eye on last year's splits which I had with me as I was determined not to let a sub 8 hour time elude me as that moves me into the "1st class" category for the first time.

Some of the other guys did stunning times, some well sub 7 hours, in one case 6:10! There are limits to how much one can improve! Hmm.. now maybe if I lost a few pounds!

To check out some photos at the start and finish click here.

To check out the route click here.

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