Friday, 4 May 2007

Friday Training


It's freezing here, very cold NE wind and a flat grey sky, temperature at 15:00 hrs this afternoon was only 9 degrees and with the wind it felt like about 4. Not much fun when the rest of the country seems to be having lots of sunshine, it's been like this all week. Such is life.

Anyway, decided not to do the full 3 hours today to try to recover a bit before tomorrow. I reckon that tomorrow might be a bit longer than the 2 hours I have scheduled so I did just over 2 hours today and will do about 3 hours tomorrow which will give me the same total training load.

Ride went pretty much Ok, didn't take it too gently with it being a shorter ride and did just over 38 miles in just over 2 hours. Not a particularly hilly route so was able to keep just plugging away, average HR for the trip was 137 which was about right I thought.

So, that was it really, lots of pasta tonight and try to get plenty of sleep and see what tomorrow brings, plenty of talk about the Fred Whitton I'm sure!

Thought you might like to see by indoor torture setup!

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