Saturday, 5 May 2007

Saturday Training


Out today with Keith and John and had planned a 3 hour ride with a 2 hour level 2 section in it which is what we did. Took short (2 minute) turns on the front and generally worked at a very decent intensity. My overall average HR for the ride was 139, a bit lower than I would have liked but I felt that I got a good aerobic workout from the session and we covered about 40 miles in 2 hours.

The first few miles were a warmup so we were averaging over 20mph for the majority of the ride which for me anyway is not hanging about by any stretch of the imagination. Pleased to be able to sustain the effort and felt things went well, bettter than I had expected as I started off feeling pretty tired, must be my fig roll experiment!

Need a good night's sleep before the hilly ride planned for tomorrow, will in all probablity be hard work, planning to ride steadily between the hills and work hard on the hills, get my head ready for next weekend! God knows what I will weigh in the morning after all the food I've packed away today!

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