Friday, 11 May 2007

Friday Training


Just a couple of days to go and the weather forecast is looking pretty gloomy for Sunday but there isn't much that can be done about that, a shared "experience" I guess. It's not getting wet that bothers me in the slightest, I can deal with that quite happily, it's the fact that your brakes don't work properly that I hate, guess I could always walk down the hills!

Decided today to do an hour on the turbo with a few short bursts so I used the time to measure some of my power outputs and see how they compared with the test I did last August on a different CompuTrainer. The results are unlikely to be completely comparable (different though accurate machines) but they did at least show that my HR for a given power output is about 10BPM lower now which is good and this applies at all output levels. This could be due to measurement differences but instinctively I feel now that I produce more power than I did and I can certainly ride at a consistently higher speed than I could then.

Particularly pleased that I do now seem to be able to sustain 300W on the CompTrainer which when I first started using it felt like a real struggle. It would be interesting to put my Winter bike back on the TACX Flow one day and see what the power results look like now as that's what I used all the time before, I am certain I would be pleasantly surprised.

Anyway, nice roast chicken tea tonight and then it's get packed up in the morning and away we go on our GPS guided trip to Coniston, be a nice break for Lorena not having to navigate whilst I moan about us getting lost! ;-) Planning to stick my pocket GPS in my back pocket on Sunday to get a GPS track of the Fred Whitton, bit of extra weight but if it will fit in I'll take it, be fun afterwards to look at all the information!

Outline data from today's mini test below:

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