Thursday, 10 May 2007

Thursday Training


Nice easy spin scheduled for this evening which went fine. The only real problem was that I had planned to do an hour but just before the 50 minute mark I was called into work to do an emergency CT scan on a bloke from a car accident so that cut things a bit short. Such is life.

Anyway, did a few little surges and found that at the moment I'm finding that after holding 250W for about 5 minutes my HR is about 138BPM which is at the upper end of HR Z2 which I'm quite happy with, 200W was about 10BPM lower and really feels extremely comfortable. Just a few little tests out of interest to see where I stand. Legs certainly feeling quite a bit better today, enjoyed myself again.

I've been preparing a RAMP protocol for the CompuTrainer which I'm going to have a bash at at some point when it's convenient to schedule such a test in, I'm finding some form of standardised testing quite hard to resist!

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