Monday, 28 May 2007

Monday Training


Hmm.. not very impressed with my body weight figures at the moment and I have a nasty theory that it might be because I am eating too much. I reckon all these people who say that if you are cycling a lot you can eat what you want and not gain weight are just plain wrong, maybe I'm just greedier than most. At any rate the 80kg mark has been reached and I don't like it, the Pyrenees are looming large, nothing else for it, eat less.

Apart from that all is well. Today's session was very enjoyable and not at all taxing but I think I rode a bit harder than I should have done. Rode a 20 mile flat course on the CompuTrainer against an "opponent" to keep me company. Average HR for the ride was 121 but it was rather higher than that a few times when I just got a bit bored. 250W power output currently sitting at about 138/9 BPM which is a pretty static measure, didn't do a 150BPM measure during this session. Just for the record it was UKRoute12 I rode today if ever I need to refer back to the power data for the session.

Level 2 on the turbo tomorrow night, hope it goes well this time, I'm looking for 50+ minutes @ 150BPM, should be fun!

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