Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Tuesday Training


So off we went for the level 2 session on the turbo. Decided to make sure I did the full hour today and started with a lower power output and a HR of just above 140BPM. Slowly raised the power and did the session pretty much at a 150BPM average with a maximum HR of 153. Disappointed to see that my average power for the session was down when compared to previous similar sessions but measuring this is not a very exact science and I'm pleased to have managed the full hour. Oddly though compared to some previous similar sessions my apparent power is down but my average speed is up, can't fathom that but it won't be keeping me awake!

General data shown below:

Effort length - 1:00:00
Average effort HR - 147BPM
Average effort power - 240W
Average effort cadence - 91RPM
Average effort speed - 24.3mph
Effort distance - 24.27m

Comparing this to a similar session on 24.04.2007, just over a month ago:

Session length - 1:05:00
Effort length - 0:45:00
Average effort HR - 150BPM
Average effort power - 250W
Average effort cadence - 90RPM

Hmm.. I seem to be getting worse!

Mind you, I did ride for longer... ;-)

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