Thursday, 31 May 2007

Thursday Musing


The good news today is that I am not at work and it's a lovely day, the not quite so good news is that I have to go to the wedding of a friend of Lorenas but still, never mind, it will be nice for the two of us to have a day out with a bit of a nosh thrown in!

The other good news is that today I will finally receive the lactate meter I ordered from the States. I have to go and collect it from the parcel force depot in Gateshead which is on the way down the A1 which is good, saves a special trip. the bad news is that HM Customs and Revenue have decided to slap me with a bill for £46 VAT which I'm not best pleased about, just my luck. I guess I have still saved £40 by buying it this way rather than from the UK but it's not quite the outcome I had hoped for, not worth sweating over, what's done is done.

No training planned for today but having had yesterday off which was lovely I'm going to do a one hour recovery ride on the turbo and I have a plan for this. I'm going to ride my 20 mile course on the CompuTrainer 3D and ride it at as steady a pace as I can trying to keep an average of 20mph which I know is pretty stress free on the turbo. I will then save this file and can ride against this performance with a "virtual me" as the pacer when I come to do another one hour recovery session in the future and I can compare the 2 performances. In theory, over time, my average HR for the course (same speed and distance, no wind or hills etc.) *should* improve. Makes it more interesting anyway!

On we go...

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