Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Tuesday Training


High resistance session today which to be honest went pretty badly. Legs still tired from Sunday and just didn't feel I had much strength, spirit willing but flesh weak and all that. Power a long way down from last session of this type done which is a bit worrying given what is coming up on Sunday. Legs too tired to really elevate HR, I guess Sunday's ride took more out of me than I thought but I was tired when I went out on Sunday morning.

Struggling a bit to see how this sort of session helps prepare one for a hard event when legs are already tired and I'm in my taper week but I'm no expert and we'll see what the event brings.
  1. 90 RPM 320W
  2. 85 RPM 300W
  3. 80 RPM 290W
  4. 75 RPM 270W
  5. 70 RPM 280W
  6. 65 RPM 270W
  7. 60 RPM 270W
So, off to bed soon, legs now even more tired!

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