Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Wednesday Training


Another level 2 ride on the turbo was the excitement for today and it seemed to go pretty much Ok. Decided to relieve the boredom of it by riding my 25 mile flat TT course I'd made for the CompuTrainer 3D and it worked fine, filename UKRoute09.

I was pleased that I successfully extended the length of the level 2 effort from last week's 45 minutes to 50 minutes having started at 40 minutes originally, seem to be coping Ok but these are hard work.

Data for the ride shown below:

Session length - 1:10:00
Effort length - 0:50:00
Average effort HR - 149BPM
Average effort power - 254W
Average effort cadence - 89RPM
Average effort speed - 22.7mph

Not long now until the Fred Whitton Challenge!

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