Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Tuesday Training


Another high resistance session today which seemd to go pretty well and I didn't find it as much of a strain as I have previously and recovered very quickly at the end of the session. Generally able to output slightly more power for the same HRs as previously which is quite encouraging so soon into this type of training.

Below is a sample file from the CompuTrainer which shows how this session involves a progressively reducing cadence (yellow) and corresponding reducing speed (red) with associated power outputs as above (green) and very similar HR peaks (pink). The 260 average watts figure is a little misleading as this includes the 2 minute recovery periods between the 5 minute efforts, a true average for the efforts would be about 310W.

Leg strength here I come!
  1. 90 RPM 320W
  2. 85 RPM 320W
  3. 80 RPM 320W
  4. 75 RPM 310W
  5. 70 RPM 300W
  6. 65 RPM 300W
  7. 60 RPM 300W

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