Monday, 30 April 2007

Monday Training


Rest day scheduled for today but the CompuTrainer lured me in and I decided to do a bit of active recovery riding below HR Z2 which I quite enjoy. This I thought would give me the opportunity to try out one of the new courses I had built and generate a "performance" file which I could then ride against to try this feature out.

Anyway, selected the 10 mile TT course (UKRoute08.3dc for future reference) and rode it with the objective of completing the course in less than 30 minutes which I did, 29:54. Dead easy when there is no wind, no hills etc. wish riding at 20mph was that easy on the road! Then saved that file and tried riding against my own performance for a few minutes and it all seems to work fine. At least I know I can now do that if I want to, might be quite interesting because I was just messing about for the first half and then had to do a bit of catching up!

So, an enjoyable time, very relaxing, session only lasted about 30 minutes with an average HR of 121 which falls just within my recovery level.

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