Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Wednesday Training


Another high resistance session tonight and it went pretty much as these sessions do, just manageable but not a great deal of fun but hey, who said this was going to be fun?! The data from these sessions is not really changing at all and may even be deteriorating, I'll have to review the records. I'm finding that during the efforts I'm operating at up tp 88% of my MHR in order to produce between 300W and 280W depending on whether it's the start or finish of the session, hard work for me.

I'm looking forward to the arrival of the lactate meter to see what blood lactate concentration I'm doing these efforts at as it sure feels high to me and if it is there is good evidence that this actually causes performance to deteriorate by causing muscle damage. YIKES! Surely not!

Data follows:
  1. 90 RPM 300W
  2. 90 RPM 300W
  3. 85 RPM 290W
  4. 85 RPM 290W
  5. 80 RPM 280W
  6. 80 RPM 280W
  7. 75 RPM 280W
I felt as though there was still some Fred Whitton fatigue in there which would not surprise me at all, onwards and upwards.

Heard a lovely phrase this morning: "Paint Your Life in Bright Colours" - I'm going to do just that.

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