Monday, 11 June 2007

Monday Training


Recovery ride today so decided to ride the 20 mile TT route on the turbo (UKRoute12) using my previous ride (4th of June) as a pacer. The results are shown below with the previous results in brackets. The results are very similar, not surprisingly, but perhaps a little surprisingly in the 2 days prior to this ride I rode 183 miles at about 18mph, before the last ride I'd covered 126 miles in the 2 days prior so at least I guess it's an indication that I'm recovering reasonably well. Clutching at straws here! ;-)

Average HR for the route: (126) 127
Average power for the route: (192W) 193W
Time to complete the route: (58:31) 58:29
Spin Scan score: (72) 79
Average cadence: (88RPM) 87

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