Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Tuesday Training


Another level 2 session done on the turbo, as always hard work but managed Ok.

Session data shown below with data from previous session shown in brackets, don't quite understand what's going on!

Effort length - 1:00:00 (1:00:00)
Average effort HR - 148BPM (147BPM)
Average effort power - 238W (240W)
Average effort cadence - 90RPM (91RPM)
Average effort speed - 28mph (24.3mph)
Effort distance - 28m (24.27m)

Hmm.. so how can that be? I'm not very good at this sort of thing but I would have thought that if you produced the same power at the same cadence for the same length of time you would go the same distance. Only thing I can think of is that I was in a different gear and therefore went further but I have no idea whether thet makes scientific sense. I guess it's more likely that there is an error somewhere in the system! I'll check back on the previous L2 session and see how that looks.

Just checked, the L2 before this I only managed 45 mins so comparison is a bit difficult, I can see though that my average speed for the session on 24.04.2007 was 21.3 mph so my average speed seems to have risen, maybe I'm getting somewhere but I'm afraid I just can't get my head around the sums. Is it possible to ride at the same wattage for the same length of time and go so much faster and further? One for the clever people I think! Maybe I'm becoming more efficient! :-)

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