Saturday, 30 June 2007

Saturday Training


Still feeling on the fatigued side so decided as the weather forecast was so poor to stay indoors today and do another level 2 session on the turbo for one hour instead of the 2 hours on the road. I reckoned this would not set me back before the long ride tomorrow and yet would also be worthwhile training.

In the end I'm glad I did this as I was pleased to see that I seem to be recovering, I'll bear in mind for the future that after a major effort I'm going to need 1-2 weeks to properly recover. My power output has recovered somewhat and I seem now to be back more or less where I was before the Raid Pyreneen, not quite but almost. The data is shown below:

Effort length - 1:00:00
Average effort HR - 151BPM
Average effort power - 242W
Average effort cadence - 92RPM
Average effort speed - 22.9mph
Effort distance - 22.9m

So, happy that I seem to be on the road back but I guess if I'm honest a touch dispirited that on the face of it all that work in the mountains hasn't raised my game at all, c'est la vie.

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