Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Frikes to Vathi on Ithaca


Lovely to wake up this morning moored in the little bay next to the small town of Frikes. Very surprised how many little and some not so little fish there are in the bay, could have watched them for hours.

Briefing this morning was once again on the beach, today's destination is another Vathi, this time on the island of Ithaca.

Another very leisurely hop, again very little wind and very hot. Had another healthy lunch drifting around on the sea which we both enjoy.

Arived in good time, sorted out the various things which needed to be done and then back down to some more loafing around.

Planning to head into town later in the afternoon for our dinner, supposed to be a lovely old town. There is a small island in the harbour which has in the past been both a leper colony and a prison, many of the buildings of the town were destroyed in an earthquake in 1953.

Of further historical interest is that Ithaca, according to Homer, is where Odysseus was re-united with his Penelope after his 10 year return voyage from Troy where Odysseus had masterminded the wooden horse plan.

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